East face of storage facilityLooking For An Automobile Storage Facility?

An automobile storage facility is a type of self storage facility where automobiles can be stored rather than simply left out on the street where they could be damaged or stolen. Many people with more automobiles than they need or a long term plan for fixing a non-functional automobile prefer these facilities to simply selling a car for parts and scrape. While people may have any number of reasons for wanting a safe place to put a perfectly functional car that they do not need but do not wish to sell, an automobile storage facility can accommodate all of them.

There are two main types of storage facility for cars. The first is indoor automobile storage. These are generally small, indoor garages not terribly large, but sizable enough to contain a car up to a certain size. They generally go from 15 to 30 feet deep and it is on the car’s owner to select a space large enough for their specific vehicle. Measuring the length is important for getting the right size, as well as the width to ensure that the car will actually fit into the space the owner is renting. If a vehicle is particularly tall, such as in the case of trucks and sport utility vehicles, the owner will also likely want to measure the height as well to ensure that it will fit in the prospective storage space.

Outdoor automobile storage is more flexible in sizing options, though measuring the vehicle to ensure it fits in the space is still quite important. Some of these outdoor storage spots will be covered to protect vehicles from long term effects of heavy sun exposure, and while not every car owner will consider this a major problem, people wishing to avoid the effects of long term exposure of their vehicles to the sun may want to consider covered outdoor vehicle storage.

With both indoor and outdoor automobile storage, there are a number of sizes available, and larger ones for large vehicles will likely cost more. Finding these locations is generally uncomplicated, particularly online. Asking around an automotive shop may also net you the name and location of a good storage facility for cars and trucks. As an added bonus, many of these locations also offer storage for other vehicles, such as boats, motorcycles and for some particularly large storage facilities, entire recreational vehicles. If you have a vehicle of any sort but no where to put them, these facilities are generally a good idea.

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