Lately, people are more into DIY’s, even with remodeling homes. With that, a lot of websites and organizations take advantage of how to help these people who are new to all these.

In this article by Leena Rao from Fortune, she shared with us how Verizon Ventures invested in this DIY website who target millennials.

Verizon Ventures Invested In This DIY Website for Millennials – Fortune

Founded by former Apple and Google employee Brit Morin, Brit + Co is a hybrid of online content and e-commerce. It features DIY tips, projects, and recipes in addition selling merchandise like jewelry and home decor items.

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Websites such as this would be of great help for the millennials who are more on the techy side and would like to explore more on how to do arts and crafts, how to decor their homes in a Do-It-Yourself way without even leaving their homes. Helpful, isn’t?

Now for the next article, Toronto Life discussed with us CANVAS by Canadian Tire hosts a series of DIY workshops to help freshen up homes this spring.

CANVAS by Canadian Tire hosts a series of DIY workshops to help freshen up your home this spring – Toronto Life

Spring has sprung, which means that patio season is finally upon us. In preparation for summer, CANVAS by Canadian Tire is offering Torontonians an opportunity to learn decor and entertaining tips from the best of the best.

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Series like these would definitely capture the interest of those who would like to revamp their homes without spending that much. This is something we should look forward to!

So, would you be interested and watch out for these websites and shows?