You may be part of Generations X & Y. Probably moving out to start with college life, a newly wed couple, etc. Of course, you’re excited to this new chapter in your life! Moving to a new house, being independent, starting a new life with your partner.. But where do you start?

In this article from Julia Bunch from Culture Map Dallas, TreeHouse, an Austin-based sustainable home improvement store, teases Dallas with their preview pop-up of “Hipster style” home designs that might give you an idea, for start up.

Hipster home improvement store teases Dallas with preview pop-up – CultureMap Dallas

The home of the future is here. As in, it’s at NorthPark Center until May 31. TreeHouse, the Austin-based sustainable home improvement store, has its first-ever Sustainable Home of the Future exhibition on display within the shopping center to prepare …


Now if you have time, you may drop by to their soon to open store in Dallas. Who knows, they might just open another retail store near you! They offer different types of home improvements focusing on eco-friendly materials that suits the young vibe you are looking for and mainly, in maintaining the house’s look for a longer period of time. Which is very efficient, right?

However, if you lack the knack of creativeness but still want your house to look good as how you’ve imagined it, why not hire a designer? That is, if you have a budget. But think about it, instead of spending so much by doing a lot of DIY’s, go get yourself a professional designer instead because they can give you an idea on how to spend less and make the renovation of the house look more.

In this next article from Atlanta Magazine, they shared with us why hiring a professional designer is actually wise and somehow, cost-effective.

Why you should hire a designer for home improvement projects – Atlanta Magazine

While budget, time, and ability are legitimate constraints on home improvement projects, often it’s a lack of creativity that limits the possibilities.


Now that’s an idea. We all have to agree that professional house designers are more experienced than us when it comes to designing a house. So why not try?

Now if you still have an itch for questions when it comes to DIY’s, take these few tips from blogger Monica Mangin, as she was joined by Jura Koncius from Manchester Journal about questions regarding home improvements.

Answers to your home-improvement questions – The Manchester Journal

In my own home, I just put one ice cube in each once a week to water them — it doesn’t get easier than that. I have found that the firmer, aloe varieties are more durable than others.


If these tips gave you a lot of idea about home improvement, shoot us some questions on what else you need to know in our next blog!

Best of luck with your new home!