Halloween is just around the corner and who wouldn’t want to join in the fun and redecorate your home with all those spook stuff and candies? Well, don’t look farther! For today, we will be sharing with you all how you can make November a little more fun!

In this post from Kare11, they shared with us how Bottle and Bottega can help do DIY’s in decorating your homes this  Halloween.

DIY Halloween decor with Bottle & Bottega

Whether you’re hosting a spooky costume party or want to jazz up your front porch, these DIY projects can help set the scene for Halloween.

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Next is an article from Joseph Suttner of K5. He shares with us Moorea Seal’s new book on home decorations.

Make Yourself At Home with the newest book on home decor

Moorea Seal’s newest book Make Yourself At Home helps you design your home to reflect your truest self. This book if filled with decor tips, DIY projects, glimpses of inspiring homes, and much more that will prompt you to discover yourself in the spaces you spend the most time in.

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So go ahead, grab yourselves some DIY materials and start working on your halloween project!