Most of us go gaga over home photos of celebrities they share online through their social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. It’s all so clean, organized and very classy.

One example is from Gwyneth Paltrow. The Home Edit shared with us on Instagram how they revamped Gwyneth’s East Hampton house! Check out this article from Meg Swertlow from ENews.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Hamptons Home Is as Precisely Organized as You’d Expect – E! Online

The Home Edit took to Instagram to post some photos of their recent revamp of Paltrow’s craft-and-toy storage room and her pantry.

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Now who wouldn’t want to have their house revamped just like hers? Definitely #housegoals! Now there’s a way in how to improve your home by focusing first on how to store your stuff wisely!

In this article by Kimberley Mok from Tree Hugger, she shared with us how ditching a big house and moving to a smaller one can help when it comes to saving money. However, storage may become part of the problem with that. But actually, there’s a way so you would not have to ditch some valuables you have from your previous home.

Storage-rich 290 sq. ft. Juniper tiny house uses advanced framing techniques – Treehugger

One big complaint about tiny houses is the lack of storage space. But we’ve seen that with a bit of creative design, it is possible to pack things in, without the feeling of a cluttered home.

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Foldaway tables, chairs, bed and whatever way you can save some space is a good idea on how you can make your house look more spacious. Of course this may need professional help but yes, it is do-able.

So why not try it yourself and who knows, your house may just be as #instagramworthy as Gwyneth’s!

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