Keeping Your Car In A Vehicle Storage Facility

Storage facilities are not exclusive to household furniture, business items and important documents. Most companies also offer vehicle storage. Regardless of the kind of vehicle you want, you can find a storage facility where you can keep it either for the long term or short term. You don’t have to worry about where to store your RV, car, boat or motorcycle when not using them or you’re going on a long vacation. In this article, you’ll learn some tips on how to prepare your car before using a vehicle storage facility. Not that the same tips may also be applied to other types of vehicles.

Your first order of business is to determine the rules of the self-storage company. In general, vehicle storage facilities only accept vehicles in running condition. The vehicles must also be registered and insured. You may be asked for supporting documents to prove this. The tires must be inflated and you can’t occupy the vehicle for the entire length of the contract.

Upon learning the rules, it’s time to prepare your car for storage. You should decide whether you want to store your car for the long term or short term. In any case, you should clean your car inside and out before driving it to the self-storage facility. Start by using a buffer on the exterior and coating it with wax to discourage corrosion. The mirrors should be wiped clean as excessive accumulation of dust and other debris can cause rust. The interior must be vacuumed and use a stain remover where necessary.

Any repair jobs must be done prior to the storage as well. This is to prevent exacerbating the problem. At least 2 days before the storage, change the oil and filter of your car. This is because used oil can lead to engine corrosion. The openings of the engine should be sealed off so no pests can enter. It’s also necessary to fill the gas tank at about 25%. Be sure to add a fuel stabilizer, too.

These are just some useful tips to help you in preparing your care for storage. Aside from these guidelines, don’t forget to search for a reputable vehicle storage facility. You can begin your search online or ask friends and family for recommendations. By taking the time to find an excellent self-storage facility, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be kept safe for the duration of your trip.

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